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August: Idle-Free VT director Wayne Michaud moves to California

Wayne Michaud has moved to California in August 2016 and Idle-Free VT will cease operations in Vermont and reincorporate as a similar entity in California. Discussions in 2016 on continuing an idle-free presence in Vermont were promising and will carry on in some capacity - details to follow. The Idle-Free VT website will continue to exist up to the end of 2017 with minimal updating.


July: Vermont Idle-Free Schools project for 2015-16 school year completed. FINAL PROJECT REPORT


May: Burlington Police Dept. to install idle management system in police cruiser

Under a Burlington, VT CEDO (Community and Economic Development Office) vehicle idling awareness initiative, the Burlington Police Department agreed to an idling reduction pilot program using the Havis IdleRight2 Fuel Management System in one of their police cruisers. This technology runs lights and electronics of a police cruiser, cutting engine idling by up to 80% while parked.


April: Lyndon Town School Idle-Free Schools campaign radio interview

Lyndon Town School was featured in a radio interview April 15th conducted by DJ Jeff Garfield on Magic 97.7 FM (WGMT), Lyndonville, VT! School principal Amy Gale, science teacher Travis Courser, and three of his eighth grade students -- Caitlin, Lindsay, and Sydney -- talked about vehicle idling and the campaign to raise awareness about the issue.


January: New Vermont idling bill submitted

Rep. Curt McCormick of Burlington submitted House bill H.666 An act relating to signage on State property regarding unlawful idling of motor vehicle engines. This bill proposes to require installation of signs on property owned or controlled by the State on which parking is permitted indicating that Vermont prohibits idling of motor vehicle engines in violation of law.


January: Idle-Free VT hires college student to give presentations

Taylor Benner of Maine, a Green Mountain College (Poultney, VT) freshman, has been hired to give Idle-Free from the Start presentations before high school classroom audiences. For more details visit the Idle-Free from the Start page.


January: Popular Mechanics: "Warming Up Your Car in the Cold Just Harms the Engine"

Popular Mechanics, with help from a mechanical engineer who specializes in combustion engines at the renowned Argonne National Laboratory, reports on why excessive idling in winter harms the engine. Avoid those long stationary warm ups! Driving gently is the best way to warm up in winter.





November: Burlington Free Press: "Students go undercover in no-idling campaign"

Burlington Free Press staff writer Joel Banner Baird wrote a story on vehicle idling in Vermont, featuring an idle-free schools campaign at Shelburne Community School, as coordinated by Idle-Free VT director Wayne Michaud.


October: Vermont Community Foundation awards Idle-Free VT grant

The Vermont Community Foundation Innovations & Collaborations Program awarded supplemental funding to Idle-Free VT. This triggered matching funds from the High Meadows Fund, thus meeting $18,500 requested to fully fund the Vermont Idle-Free Schools project for the 2015-16 school year.


August: ANWSU adopts limited idling procedure

Addison Northwest Supervisory Union (ANWSU) superintendent JoAn Canning, after working with the Idle-Free VT Vermont Idle-Free Schools project, adopted a limited idling procedure for vehicles other than school buses on school grounds for all member schools: Addison Central School, Ferrisburgh Central School, Vergennes Union Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.


August: High Meadows Fund & Vermont Community Foundation award Idle-Free VT grants

The High Meadows Fund and the Vermont Community Foundation's Sustainable Futures Fund have awarded grants toward a second year of the Vermont Idle-Free Schools project. 1,000+/- students will learn how to be more fuel efficient and environmentally responsible drivers in the 2015-16 school year with 60 educational sessions. Eight schools will participate in vehicle idling study and measuring campaigns. And, 25 school no-idling policies or procedures will be sought.


August: American Lung Association issues Vermont press release on vehicle idling and on the law

The American Lung Association of the Northeast (which includes Vermont) issued a press release in Vermont on the impacts of idling and to remind drivers that Vermont has a law to restrict it. The press release was published in the Caledonia Record and Brattleboro Reformer.


July: Vermont Dept. of Health issues statement on idling impact on asthma

“Exhaust from idling vehicles is a common asthma trigger at schools. By limiting exposure to tailpipe emissions, schools can help reduce their students’ risk of developing asthma and decrease the severity of symptoms among students who already have the disease.”

David Grass, PhD, Environmental Health Surveillance Chief, Vermont Department of Health


July: the State of Vermont creates an official webpage on vehicle idling

Following an April 2015 meeting of idle-free advocates, state legislators, and state agency representatives, an official State vehicle idling information resource -- Be Idle Free -- was created by the Vermont Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC)!


July: 2014-15 Vermont Idle-Free Schools project wraps up

Vermont Idle-Free Schools, a High Meadows Fund-supported project for the 2014-15 school year, completed its statewide implementation; the following was achieved:

• 62 idling awareness and eco-driving classroom presentations (and one assembly) were given before 1,475 students

• six schools participated in idling study and measuring campaigns resulting in an overall reduction in idling of 32% on school grounds by the six schools

• seven schools adopted official idling restriction procedures for vehicles other than school buses on school grounds


May: Vermont Idle-Free Schools project obtains restricted idling procedure from RNESU

The Idle-Free VT Vermont Idle-Free Schools project, working with Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union superintendent Jeanne Collins, helped adopt a restricted idling administrative procedure for its seven member school districts.


April: Green Ninja presents: American Idle: Running in Place

The Green Ninja Project is a collaborative San Jose State University (CA) educational initiative to inspire interest in the science and solutions associated with our changing climate. Adventures of the Green Ninja – a superhero – are told in a youth-oriented and humorous way, but grounded in science and data. Their latest production is a message on unnecessary vehicle idling: "American Idle: Running in Place".


April: Idle-free advocates, state reps. and agency reps. meet to increase idling education and enforcement

A Statehouse meeting was organized by State legislator Rep. Mollie Burke (cosponsor of a bill that became Vermont's idling law) and Rebecca Ryan, Senior Director, Health Education and Public Policy, American Lung Assoc. of the Northeast. On April 10th, Ms. Burke, Ms. Ryan, State agency reps. from the DEC, DMV, VTrans and BGS, and Wayne Michaud of Idle-Free VT, discussed ways to increase education on vehicle idling in Vermont and on ways to increase the lax enforcement of the state's idling law. Strategies included creating a standalone State webpage on idling, idling awareness rack cards to be offered in key locations (such as DMV offices), idling PSA announcements on the DMV phone messaging queue, and presentations before the Police Academy to help increase enforcement.


March: Windham Central schools declared "idle free" zones

Windham Central Supervisory Union, under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Steven John, worked with the Idle-Free VT 2013-14 School No Idling Policies project to adopt an administrative procedure to restrict idling of vehicles other than school buses at all eight of its schools. To get out the message, WCSU declared itself an "idle free" school zone with information on the benefits in avoiding unnecessary idling on its website.


March: NYC may allow for "citizen's arrest" to help increase enforcement of idling law

NYC moved one step closer to allowing a "citizen's arrest" for those in violation of the city's 3 minute idling limitation law. "Deputized" citizens can video parked idling vehicles, submit them on a NY DEP website, and if valid, keep up to half of a resulting fine, which could mean hundreds of dollars. Details on ABC 7 Eyewitness News Up Close: Idling Cars interview (30 sec. commercial at beginning).


March: Hardwick residents win case against idling trucks

Residents of an East Hardwick, VT residential community that endured pollution and noise of heavy-duty truck idling daily for nearly nine years won a judgment order from the State of Vermont Environmental Court on March 4, 2015 prohibiting a trucking company from continuing operation of commercial truck tractors in their neighborhood. VPR News "The Frequency" report. WCAX News report.


February: Burlington, VT resident takes videos of idling vehicles in neighborhood

To call attention to the problem of idling and lack of enforcement of Burlington's idling restriction ordinance, a Burlington city resident took videos of idling vehicles near his residence and posted them on a Tumblr webpage. The resident followed this by writing an email to Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger's office.


February: Burlington Free Press opinion on idling

Letter to the Editor in the Burlington Free Press, February 2, 2015: Stop Idling Your Car


January: Seven Days VT opinion on idling

Letter to the Editor in Seven Days VT, January 21, 2015: Idling Threat


January: Green Energy Times opinion on idling

Letter to the Editor in the Green Energy Times: The Cost of a Little Idling Comfort


January: Washington Post reporter on why people let their cars idle in the winter

Washington Post reporter Chris Mooney writes a January 6, 2015 article: "This is why people still think they should idle their cars in winter"